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Support Us

Donate to the fund to buy land

You can donate (via paypal) to the fund to purchase and decomodify the land by making it a commons.

Propose land to steward

Do you know of any land that may be suitable for our purpose, or feel motivated to search for such land? If you imagine so, please check out our core criteria and fill out the form below to reach out to us.

Bear in mind that we have already ruled out several countries for various reasons: Brazil, Hungary, India, Israel, Turkey, USA.

Below are the five core criteria we have identified to support us in our search for land:

  1. Ease, access of meeting needs (sustainability, financial, learning)

We are an intergenerational, global, online community and having ease of access to what we need will support us in being able to put our energy towards building a future rather than attending to basic needs, for example: access to wifi, drivable roads in all seasons, fresh organic food.

2. Alignment between local environment, governance, pre-existing customs and what we are creating

The more our surrounding environment, policies, people, culture, and surrounding businesses are aligned with or supportive of what we are doing, the more ease we will have in doing it and growing capacity within and around us, e.g: potential for community expansion, tolerance/openness of local population to semi-permeable foreign communities.

3. Legal openings

The more the land has legal openings that are aligned with our purpose, the easier it will be for us to do what we do, e.g: Ease of planning regulations/permission, Policy and practice toward less mainstream building practices

4. Ability to be autonomous

This creates the ability for us to be sustainable and resilient in the context of global warming, e.g: Weather for growing food, Access to potable freshwater sources other than via local government infrastructure.

5. Longevity of the project

Being able to build for the long-term will enable us to set deeper roots that will bring more power to what we do, e.g: low calamity risk (flooding, volcanic activity etc).

If you know of land that calls to be stewarded and believe we might be the ones to do it you can let us know by filling out this form.

Reweaving Humanity