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The Pod

There are four of us already living together: Eddy Quinn, Emma Quayle, Fox Keohane, and Miki Kashtan. The purpose of the pod is to hold the material container for the establishment of a culture emerging from experimentation with untethering, shared risk, systems, and liberation, in the context of living together.


Erin Mychele Selover is a strategic coach and a Teachers Council member at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She has an ongoing deep connection with the pod through the desert experience and the Community Living experiment in Portugal and her collaboration with them during the two months of service to the Tamera community. The pod will expand to include Erin Selover when we actually get on land, and, for some stretches of time, even before then. Erin’s intuition has been pivotal from the start to get us to where we are.

Top row: Aurelia, Fox, Erin, Rosalie
Middle row: Yaren, Menaka, Miki, Emma
Bottom row: Desiree, Thuan, Diane
Not in picture: Kevin, Shana, Unsu

Ring #1

There are nine others who are co-holding this project with us, most of whom are not going to get on the land with us. This continues to amaze us, because the commitment they are putting in is immense (at least two meetings a week!), and they are orienting to it as their project along with us; not only as supporters. They are from six different countries on four continents. All this sustains our hope that the resources needed to make this project happen are going to materialize.