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Reweaving Humanity: Commons 1


We are members of the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) community and this website marks the beginning of our search for land to steward on which we hope to plant the seed of a community of service dedicated to reweaving humanity.

Our hope is to be on land, somewhere, by the second solstice of this year, December 21, 2022.

We are leaning into deep trust in life to imagine that, by then, we will get enough support to find the land, to be able to buy it, and to find the pathway to making it a commons, never for sale.

The pod washing the dishes :)
The pod washing the dishes 🙂

Watch us speak about how we envision the community

How we got here?

In various configurations, since 2019, we have been on a journey towards building community.

From the time when some of us spent in the desert together, to our vagabonding travels, to a three-month community living experiment in Portugal, to supporting Tamera eco-village and now our Land Search. 

The intention of this next leg of our journey is to find land on which to steward and co-create a community of shared purpose dedicated to service.

By December Solstice 2022, Aaron (Fox) Keohane, Eddy Quinn, Emma Quayle, Erin Selover, and Miki Kashtan hope to have found and set up on land; to steward and co-create a community dedicated to bringing into being the community vision. As up until now NGL has been an online community, we see this as a significant moment in our community’s evolution: to start an NGL live-in community.

When you can no longer turn back, anxiety falls away, because now there’s only one direction to travel: forward into the consequences of your choice.

(Oliver Burkeman, Four Thousand Weeks, p. 88)

Our Vision & Purpose

Our vision is: 

All humans meet our material and non-material needs as members of the global interspecies family through maternal gifting in regenerative communities and in reverence for life, rooted within a thriving biosphere. A global network of locally-connected,  intergenerational residential NGL community-homes exists, where NGL members, apprentices, and friends live together, and which rejuvenates us and supports our work in the world. In these homes, we are committed to liberation, practice live experiments with truth, and integrate needs-based resource-flow (within the communities, between them and to and from the outside world). We have space for processing, harvesting, and live with deep purpose orientation as well as deep embodiment of values. We bring to it all we have and to be well resourced along the way.

Our shared purpose is:  

To increase our capacity to be active participants in reweaving humanity into one interdependent pod as we prepare for seeding one site of a full shared risk community. 

Reweaving Humanity